What came first? Filmmaking, photography, or design?
Drawing was actually the first thing that i got into at an early age, which then led to photography. My dad used to shoot film and develop his own pictures in the bathroom. I didn't know it at the time but that definitely influenced me. I borrowed his camera to take my own photos and never looked back. When my dad bought a Video 8 Handycam in the 80's, i appropriated that as well. Shooting my own mock commercials and skateboard videos. That led to me doing more video and animation work in University. I didn't get into design until i graduated and got my first gig at Cuppa Coffee Animation.

How do they all play in to each other?
All of my creative outlets influence one another. Having a background in photography has really influenced the way i frame things and compose scenes when it comes to filmmaking. Using the rule of thirds for instance. A lot of times i'll also frame things as if i were to take a photograph. Filming a scene and letting it unfold on it's own with people and things moving in and out of the frame, as if it were a moving photograph.

All Out War is a documentary about b-boy culture, what drew you to the topic?
I'm an 80's kid so i grew up when you would see Bboying everywhere. I always wondered what had happened to the dance and it wasn't until i saw local crew, Bag of Trix on Much Music, along with Run DMC's, It's Like That video that i realized that the dance was still going strong, it was just more underground.

What tracks make you bust a move on the dance floor?
Not sure about busting a move on the dance floor but i definitely have been known to get down in my car to: "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" by Coke Escovedo.

What are some of your favourite spots in New York and Toronto?
I tend to hang out in Brooklyn when i go to N.Y. I did some interior design work on a restaurant in Bushwick, so i tend to drop by there quite often, it's called Dear Bushwick. The Warm Up parties that happen at PS1 in the summers in NY are always really fun too. There is a really cozy bar near where i live in Toronto called Wallflower that i like a lot. Black Dice Cafe, Three Speed and Odd Seoul are a few other favourite local hang outs.

What helps you refuel your creative juices?
I get a bit claustrophobic when i haven't traveled anywhere in awhile so getting away always tends to get the juices flowing when i'm in a bit of a rut.

What are some worlds you've experienced with your cameras?
I've gotten to see some amazing places and met some great people i wouldn't have experienced if it wasn't for working in film and photography. Working on All Out War has sent me all over the world, shooting everywhere from huge competitions with thousands of fans in Europe, to filming in the shanty towns in the Philippines. I've been to everything from underground biker bars in The Bronx, to low rider car clubs in L.A. All of which have brought me in contact with some pretty interesting characters.

Any more films in your future?
Yes but it will most likely be a short. My latest feature took 10 years to make, so i'm looking forward to working on something that is a bit more immediate.

You can find Robert on: www.rouseandfable.com, twitter, instagram, www.alloutwarmovie.com