What’s your style?
I try to not focus or think about style too much. I like treating image making as problem solving. In most cases the problem of realizing an idea or image I have in my head. If I had to use a few words for it, I would say Chaos and Stillness. With themes and visuals influenced by melancholy and grandeur.

How did you get into it?
Since I can remember this is the only thing that I’ve ever identified myself with. I would say, that I began to approach the arts with earnestness when I was heading to college.

How were you schooled?
I received a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Sheridan College.

What’s your creative process?
With professional work, after doing any necessary readings for context, if an idea doesn’t appear strongly in my head from the start, I’ll make marks and search through reference material so that I can inform my drawing with my personal preferences. Lately I try to infuse as much of my own desire into a piece as I can. I find the work is stronger for it.

With personal work, an image will come to mind, and I’ll try and sketch and massage it till I can lock down certain visual anchors to work from. Then I work it till I feel the intention of the original image come through.

How do you overcome a creative roadblock?
When a certain amount of distance isn’t require from the work, I try to understand where the frustration of the block is coming from and work around it. For instance, a feeling of malaise or ennui, could come from a weak concept or tired composition. Like in anything, there are different modes of thinking; sometimes it just needs to be approached from a different way. Going through previous work and recalling the inspiration or drive behind them can sometimes light those passions within you again.

What’s a drawing tool you cannot live without?
In general, a pencil or something that holds graphite. Specifically, my Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph 0.9mm pencil.

What do you value most about your own character?
My enthusiasm. Or you could say my will and want to be attentive and receptive to the ebb and flows of my relationships. Be they new/established, or the relationships between my work and myself, romance, friends or family. That, I think, I find valuable about myself.

You mentioned you enjoy cooking. If you’re cooking to impress, what’s on the menu?
Lately, I’ve been trying to master Italian pastas. The last meal that earned me any praise had chicken, sausage, mushrooms, 3 types of cheese, peppers and steamed asparagus coated in extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan, and lemon zests in a white sauce. I like to mix it up and see what comes of it. And if that fails, my mattar paneer, all-day breakfast and gourmet sandwiches can usually get a swoon or two from the crowd.

What are you most likely to order at the bar?
Whiskey. Neat. Ideally something older than 12 years old.

What are you listening to right now (music)?
Woodkid, To Destroy A City, Kendrick Lamar, The Joy Formidable, Frank Ocean.

Favorite Cartoon growing up?
Batman The Animated Series. With Dragon Ball Z a tight second.

Describe an ideal Sunday evening.
With the day spent drawing, resting, reading and hopefully experiencing something out of the normal routine—starting the evening with a slow dinner preparation would be great. Throw on some Miles or Frank (Davis and Ocean), cut, chop, and prep in whatever way needed, reading breaks on the couch while boiling/heating takes place. Maybe meet up with a friend for a post-dinner coffee, or a movie. And the rest of the night spent drawing and painting would be great. Really, if that last part goes well, it can make up for all of the rest.

What are you working on now?
A few personal projects that I can’t say too much about yet--they’re collaborative efforts that involve amazing talents and really interesting media. My main focus though has been on cover work. Some work produced for IDW Publishing, a fantasy novel released by british publisher Chomu Press, as well as a new series for Marvel Comics.

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