What is your ultimate dream?
It involves a hydraulic stage... and me slowly rising up onto the stage with laser lights / pyrotechnics / and thousands of screaming fans...

Childhood memory?
Riding my bike through the woods for hours during endless summer days in Yukon.

Favorite moments of 2013?
Sitting front row, beside Karl Lagerfeld at the Dior Homme fashion show is Paris!!!

What do you sing when you're in the shower?
Songs I’m currently trying to work out... write... re-write... edit.

Describe your life path in two words.
Charmed / Serendipitous.

What is the most daring thing you have done in front of a live audience?
I took a girls cell phone and kept it till the end of the show. She had her head down in her phone...not listening or watching the gig. It wasn't like she was tweeting or taking pics, she was writing a novel!!

What did you do for your birthday this year?
Honestly I don’t remember... is that bad?
Oh yeah... had a nice dinner at a local spot here in Toronto.. then everything went black.

Form, Art, Function, Fashion...
Yes please!! (all of the above).

Favourite artist of all time.
Geez, that's impossible to answer... but currently I’m obsessed with Basquiat and the work Jean-Paul Goude did with Grace Jones / I'd also luv to own a massive Lichtenstein.

Things that give you goosebumps...
Exchanging ideas with other creative people.

Any unrealized dreams?
Everything is a work in progress...but... I wish I would have pushed myself a harder when I was training to be a dancer... I still have dreams of dancing in an established contemporary dance company...

What was the last word that you erased?
Not too many ( 3 words).

Your favourite city to visit?
London UK.

The love of your life.

Next steps...
Moving to London in 2014.

You can find Fritz on: www.fritzhelder.com, instagram, twitter, facebook

Photography by Lisa Bang & Joel Yum.