When did you know you wanted to become an actor?
I’ve been an attention w*@re my whole life :) I used to put on my plays for my mom alllll the time when I was a kid, and every time we had guests. My sister and I actually had a series called ‘The Stupids’ where we both played idiotic characters who got into trouble. I think my mom knew I wanted to be an actor before I did.

How did you get into voice acting?
My grandmother is a writer and I went with her to drop a script off at an agency when I was four years old. The agent asked if I wanted to go to an audition and I was into it. So, I was lucky enough to be auditioning and sometimes shooting some cool stuff on camera at a young age. And one day, I got an audition for a cartoon! It was called Caillou, and they wanted me to read for Caillou’s little sister, Rosie. When I got there, they asked me to read for Caillou… who was a boy! I thought this was kinda weird, but I did it anyway, and ended up booking a pretty sweet gig.

What is The Young Emerging Actors Association, and how did it come about?
YEAA is ACTRA Toronto’s youth group. We represent actors in Toronto who play 17-30. I started YEAA with Eli Goree in 2010. We were both two young people who got involved with the union, and this was interesting to the executives on ACTRA’s council. They encouraged us to start a ‘youth caucus’, and we agreed, as long as we didn’t have to call it that.

Today, YEAA has more than 300 members. We host events for young actors to meet young filmmakers, hoping they’ll collaborate. We have a relationship with the Reel World Film Festival, and have been fortunate enough to develop programs where our actors become filmmakers themselves and have a very cool screening opportunity. We bring in tax lawyers, YouTube experts, TV executives, and producers to talk to our members. We are a community of young people in the same boat, and it’s empowering for us to connect to one another and share resources and growth.

What's your most memorable audition experience?
A horrific audition comes to mind. It was for a feature film whose title I won’t mention. There was a kiss at the end of the audition scene. I was thirteen. I get to the audition and OHMAGAWD there’s a certain other young actor I might have a little crush on in the waiting room. I notice on the sign-in sheet that we have the same call time. Then I notice that actors are going in to the room in pairs. So that means I’m going in with you-know-who and there’s a kiss at the end of the scene and ohhhmygawd. We both kinda giggle at each other in the waiting room… “haha we’re going in together”. In the room, I remember feeling really hot and blushy and kind of like I couldn’t feel my body. Needless to say, I didn’t book that one.

How has theatre changed your life over and over again?
I saw a play called Another Africa at Canstage. It was about a married couple who were both doctors, who went to Africa during the height of the AIDS crisis to lend their skills. The play opens once they’ve come back to Canada, and they’re visiting another couple who they’d been friends with forever. Needless to say, the doctor couple has very changed opinions on Western society, what matters in life, etc. For some reason, the message I got out of this play was the importance of commitment to people you love. After that show, I made some important decisions in my life related to commitments to people I love, and I feel the affects of those decisions every day.

What are you gracious about lately?
I have the best roommates on the planet. My sister is really f@cking cool, and I get to see her a lot because she’s home from Queens for the summer. I’m also grateful for YouTube, it’s amazing. There’s some very cool channels I’ve just started watching like Truthloader. I’m also gracious for www.rapgenius.com

Favourite Kendrick Lamar tracks?
m.A.A.d city
Bitch, Don’t Kill my Vibe
F*ck your Ethnicity … cuz that’s just a brilliant message.

If you got backstage to Meet Kendrick, what's the first thing you would do, say?
UGH. I’m going to see Kendrick and I have this fantasy he’s going to bring me onstage during ‘Poetic Justice’ to sing Drake’s verse. Ridiculous.

If I met Kendrick, I would want a hug. I would ask for artist advice, and he would tell me to have patience. I would ask if I could cover Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe and put it online. And I would DEFINITELY try to chill with him and his entourage for the rest of the weekend.

Tell us about "Laid Off".
LAID OFF is a half hour scripted comedy series about three unemployed porn stars. This is a series concept I’ve been developing with my little indie production company for over a year.

What is the underlying concept to the series?
The show is not about porn or the porn world, it’s about three women and the dysfunctional family they create when they find themselves out of work.

What other projects do you have coming up?
Grojband is a brilliant cartoon that’s just started to air on Teletoon and Cartoon Network in the U.S. I play Laney Penn. http://grojband.blogspot.ca/

Camp Lakebottom has also just started to air on Teletoon and Disney. I play Suzi. You can actually watch this whole series on iTunes… cooool.

And I’m currently recording two of my favourite roles I’ve ever had the chance to work on: I’m playing Quills, a porcupine who runs a bowling alley on a show called Numb Chucks. And I’m playing twin cheerleaders on the upcoming Total Drama Island season!

You can find Bryn on: yeaa.ca, IMDb, Found Productions