How did you guys meet?
B: I'll let her tell that story :)
R: We were both living in Antwerp and often passed each other in the streets. Bruno noticed me at a store where I was working as a student on Saturdays and after a few weeks he decided to take a big step in introducing himself to me. As he is a creative mind, he didn't walk up to me and say, 'Hi I'm Bruno', he drew me my portrait and left it in an envelope at work. He didn't know my name but he addressed the envelope to, 'the girl with the red hair'. On the drawing, the only reference was his email address.
Flattered, touched ,but also a bit freaked out, I emailed him asking whether or not he was stalking me or something. He wrote back assuring me he wasn't and told me some things about himself, he gave me his website address and on there was a picture of him so I knew who he was.
I don't know why but I emailed back, answering some of his questions and from that moment on we kept on emailing until we finally met to have a glass of wine in the street where we used to cross each others paths. It was meant to be a quick drink but it turned out into a conversation that lasted until the people from the bar told us they had to close up. After that day we spent many evenings sipping wine by the river in Antwerp. He asked me to move in with him, I said no but a month later I did and 6 months later we bought our house.
We now have two beautiful cats and a house filled with paint, props, drawing paper, fabrics, computers, old cameras and the curiosities we collect.

How do your creative crafts play in to each other?
R: Bruno proofreads my blog posts but also is the one who creates the visuals I use for my blog. I will have an idea and he will instantly get what I mean and whisk something up. Sometimes it only needs a few words and he'll see it.
It feels like my creativity starts buzzing when he is around, he is always working on ideas and never runs out of them. I admire him for his creativity and wished I had half his talent.
B: I think being in a room together doing creative things will always rub of on each other. There are objects appearing in my work witch simply end up there because I see them spread (quite literally) around the house. She's also quite clever in her social media skills so I do pick up a lot from that.

What do you love about each other’s creative minds?
R: I love that we both live with our heads in the creative clouds and that we can share this together. During the weekends our living room is a complete mess while I cook dishes to photograph, take most of my props out of the boxes, create sets and moods and Bruno is painting or drawing. Mind you I'm always the one making the mess.
When we work on something together it becomes hard sometimes, we will both have a vision but at the end we always find a way to let our vision work in harmony. We spent months designing all our wedding stuff, we both are terrible perfectionists.
B: Being both perfectionists isn't always easy, but it’s also something that always pushes us forward. So in a weird way that's something we appreciate in each other. We're also quite honest in judging each others work, having perspective of another creative is always helpful when you get stuck.

Regula, do you ever use Bruno as your prop?
R: Yes, he often plays hand model holding a bowl of food or stirring in a pot. Sometimes I will ask him to come and cast a shadow to create a mood in a picture.
B: Trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds she's very demanding of her 'props'. On some occasions I've also become the lighting guy, holding the reflectors where needed.

Bruno, do you draw any inspiration from Regula?
I absolutely do. Not only has she always been inspiring by her looks. But also her personality is always food for inspiration.
Also the fact that she is so driven will make me push a bit harder as well.

What's a day in the life of a creative couple like?
R: During the week it's a rat race getting to each of our offices in time. I work as a graphic designer and Bruno as an Art director.
In the weekends we get up, make tea and coffee and read or flip through art or cookery books in our little red chairs. We will show each other cool things we saw, have conversations about our plans or new ideas we have. We always inspire each other to go for it, to do more and to create better results.
Our lives surround very much around our creative projects.
B: The best way to describe our creative day is: quite filled. We usually have to force each other to have a breather or have dinner. Luckily Regula is always doing food-pictures so there's always something to eat, even if it’s sometimes gone a bit cold after the photo-session ;)

What projects do you guys have coming up?
B: At this very moment I'm doing the illustration for an album cover. I would love to do more of those, cause music and visuals go so well together (I like to listen to music when I draw), I love the square frame you get to work in. So that's something I look forward to. I'm also working towards the next ADHD exhibition so that takes up a lot of my time. And in-between all of that there's always some small design work that needs finishing.
R: I have a big project in mind, I'm already working on it but it will require a lot of time before it will be ready. It's a bit of a secret! I just finished a food feature for a magazine and I'm preparing for my talk on blog branding at this years Food Blogger Connect Conference in London. As if I'm not busy enough I'm also attending culinary school in the evening. Life is exciting and I wished there were more hours in one day.

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