Violin for 10 years, a black belt in taekwondo, education in mining engineering… what drew you to photography?
Believe it or not, I never cared about photography. In November 2007, I was working in the mines as a mining engineer in Nevada and a girl broke up with me. I figured that if I didn't get a new hobby, I'd go nuts so I decided to take pictures of stars. My first camera was a Sony Cybershot from Wal-Mart… it sucked.

Are there any underlying concepts to your work?
Not particularly. I try to evoke dreams in my creations… transport the viewer into another universe or to imagine a storyline.

Fire, water, scouting in sewers… what was your craziest shoot?
I dunno… there have been a lot.. from suspending a Nikon D4 over water with a Kessler Crane, to shooting floating body painted people glowing with backlights, to shooting a model in a waterfall at 9 degrees, to creating an angel of fire in front of a church…there have been some pretty crazy moments.

Is there a concept you've been dying to try?
Not really. I tend to do the stuff I have in mind. A bunch of things are in the works though…

If you weren't a photographer, what would you be doing?
Looking for something to get obsessed and passionate over.

Looking back, what has changed the most in your photography?
Attention to detail. You notice small things and put a lot of effort into the details that you would have previously overlooked.

When you have some down time what's the first thing you want to do?
*blink* What's down time?

Pop quiz: You're shooting in studio and the power goes out (with no sign of it coming back on anytime soon), what do you do?
Depends on the concept but if I needed light and wanted to continue shooting? Find a solution - Battery pack strobes, flashlights, iPhone, laptop screen, go outdoors, change the concept. Adapt.

What are some constant tracks playing during your shoots?

If you could say something to yourself 5 years ago, what would u say?
Stop playing video games, it's a waste of your life.

What projects do you have coming up?
A Game of Thrones fan fiction. a talk at Profusion… an ad campaign for Antoine Laoun…

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