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October 2012



C A S K * D A Y S 8th Annual Cask-Conditioned Craft Beer Festival filled with Local Art, Music and Food

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This past weekend we attended the 8th Annual Cask Days event brought to you by Bar Volo at The Evergreen Brickworks. This year, the event’s food was curated by none other than Guy Rawlings

Walking into an open space filled with the most exciting contributors to the Ontario Craft Beer Community, was more than just an event for beer geeks at a beer convention- it was a cultural event full of bustling people with an appreciation for local craft beers, art, food and music.  If the beer didn’t keep you warm,  there were islands of propane heaters to huddle around and enjoy your Bavarian style Pretzels by Chef Jay Carter, Funnel Cakes by Guy Rawlings, Tacos and Bourbon by Grand Electric, Artisanal meats and cheeses by Hogtown Charcuterie and Hot Dogs brought to you by Chris and Rob of Brasaii and Ursa.

With over 150 beers presented by 75 craft breweries, we saw an experimental side to the brewers who showed off their creative skills by showcasing one-offs made especially for the event.

If you didn’t get a chance to go this year, here are a few tasting notes from Sunday.

Tasting notes:

Clock Tower Harvest Pumpkin Ale: Dark amber with an orange-tinged hue, creamy mouth with light notes of pumpkin, tons of spice and a minimal bitterness and finish.  More on the light side and a bit watery.

High Baller Pumpkin Ale:

Amber in color with a hazy pour.  Baked cinnamon spices, all spice, nutmeg, malt syrup, roasted pumpkin pie with a slight hoppiness.  Lighter in mouth feel, easy drinking. A little bit more flavour than the Clock Tower but still a bit watery for my liking.

Kensington Fish-Eye IPA:

Clear amber with orange/grapefruit citrus notes, medium body, some strong malty grains and a bit astringent. Full of hops, long, bitter, lingering finish with a hint of caramel and resin.

Pilgrim Porter Grand River Brewing:

(One of my top picks: This was an Artisanal beer made especially for the event that showed a lot of skill).  Dark, chocolaty, coffee notes.  Medium bodied with slight bitterness, minerality and a slight undertone of subtle sweetness.

Bellwoods Hellwoods:

(One of my top picks: The Russian Imperial Stout) Very dark and complex.  Dark Chocolate bitterness with creamy foamy head and cherries.  Light licorice, coffee, toasted earthiness.  Herbaceous spice with vanilla, dried dark fruits, malt, candied nuts and full bodied mouth feel.  Bellwoods Hellwoods is available (without the Cherries) at Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington and also at Momofuku Shoto as a tasting pairing.

Music curated by BEATBOXCAN

Walls were adorned with art by local artists from Quebec and Ontario.

We can’t wait for next year’s Cask Days Event.  In the meantime, head over to Bar Volo for an endless selection of brews and see more from Guy Rawlings in the coming months as he launches his new concept space Room 203.


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